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Take Down Challenge Starts January 15!


I have been training full-time for the past nine years, but have been working with women for more than 30 years. I have helped many of you at one time or another start your journey of weight loss and improved health. After all these years I have learned one thing - it is very hard to eat smart and lose weight. Even for myself, with my heredity and daily stress, it can be a struggle to eat all the right things, in the right amounts. I would have loved it along the way if someone would have told me EXACTLY WHAT TO DO so I didn't have to figure it out all by myself. I think all of you can relate to this, so after years of searching I have found the program I believe does just that and you are going to LOVE it!
I have successfully completed the training and certification process for both The TakeDown Lifestyle and The TakeDown Challenge programs. I am very happy to be bringing these programs to Michigan and especially Ann Arbor!!

The TakeDown Challenge program was launched first, followed by the one-on-one TakeDown Lifestyle and we are proud to now offer The TakeDown ON-THE-GO. We have learned a lot and are very happy with the great success for everyone involved in all of the programs. We at A2GetFit invite you to participate in our fifth TakeDown Challenge which begins January 15th, 2016. Click for more information about TakeDown Challenge here!

Commit to Get Fit!

My name is Debra Clark and I am THE Personal Trainer that has worked with women in Ann Arbor for more than 25 years!

Whether through one-on-one personal training sessions or group trainings in the privacy of my home studio, I can help you increase strength and fitness, lose or control your weight, look better in clothes (or without them!), recover from injury, and benefit from regular exercise. My specifically designed training programs and constant encouragement can even make it fun!

I would also like for everyone to welcome Kelly Sager to A2GetFit! Kelly has a Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics (Nutrition) from Michigan State University (I know, but she knows her stuff!). She has also successfully completed the training and certification process for all three Balanced Habits Nutrition programs offered at A2GetFit. Kelly is the Primary Nutrition Coach for all the nutrition programs at A2GetFit. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kelly at A2getfitTDL@gmail.com.

To learn more, please call or send an email when you're ready to Commit to Get Fit!




Check the schedule for added classes and events!

Join a women-only group training in the privacy of my in-home studio. Group training offers the benefits of working with a personal trainer in a group with like-minded women to encourage each other at a fraction of the cost of a private session. If you need extra help and motivation I will always find a spot in my one-on-one personal training schedule. All groups are limited to ten for as much individual attention as possible!

Pass the word and sign up by email to A2GetFit2@gmail.com. Space is Limited!

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